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Wadi Feinan Eco Lodge


Hailed as a beacon of green eco - light in the Jordanian Wilderness, Feynan eco lodge is definitely worth a visit. It has won countless awards and plaudits from the international media and is certainly a must visit according to Discovery Circle.


Whether you want to walk in the Wadi Araba, sit under a tree reading a book or learn about the Bedouin culture Feynan is the place to be.


So with all the benefits of desert life with soft towels and solar powered lights and water it really cannot be missed.

Art Hotel Amman


This is probably the newest hotel in down town Amman and one that is certainly filling a gap in the market. Located right in the middle of all the action on King Faisal Street, it's perfect for those clients who really want to get under the skin of Amman. The Souk, market, Roman theatre are all only a few minutes walk away as is some of the best fast food in Jordan.


The hotels was set up by two of Jordan's finest. Ammar Khammash the architect responsible for Wadi Feinan (see below), Wild Jordan centre and countless other iconic buildings in Jordan. And Omar Zumot, the charismatic wine producing entrepreneur whose wines are winning prizes all over the world.  


So even if you choose not to use this great little hotel your clients are bound to experience the work of these two gents at somepoint in their tour fo Jordan.

Jordan has always had a great range of 3 star and locally owned hotels, but most tour operators have chosen not to feature them instead preferring the international brands. At Discovery Circle we like both, big international branded hotels and small independents, mainly family owned or in some cases built to fill a gap in the market.


Our choice of hotels and accommodation is based on our tour operator partners and their preferences. So for some we offer the Four Seasons in Amman and for other it's the Hisham or Art Hotel. Whatever hotel we included in your quotes  you can be sure it is the best fit with your brand values and consequently your client's needs.


Below are a few of our selected locally owned and mangaged hotels.

Art Hotel 9 feynan_5

All images on this page courtsey of Art Hotel Jordan, Eco - Hotels Jordan and Al Asefs House

Al Asefs House
Al Asefs House1

Al Asefs House - At over 180 years old, Al Asef's was the first house to be built in the Ajloun Valley and has been used by travellers as a waypoint and map reference ever since.


Historically houses, castles and villages were built in strategic locations and Al Asef's House is no different. Strategically placed to overlook, what is now the Abraham Path, the trail of the prophet Ibrahim, its location provides it with perfect views of the sun from sunrise to sunset.


Built with the traditional Arabic building materials of clay and stone, designed with a warm welcome in mind and its strategic locaiton, following the rays of the sun, and with a backdrop of  local Olive tress give it a peaceful and restful atmosphere.


The house also, as was tradition, has its own wells which provide clean fresh water to the house and the surrounding valley.


Under the house are seven cave which were used by Christian Father Al Asef to hold secret meetings. They have now been turned into cosy and atmospheric venues for music and drinks. of the region.