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Discovery Circle Sample Itineraries

Despite desigining our itineraries specifically for the needs of you and your clients, we are always asked for sample itineraries. So below you will find links to our sample itineraries.  You are free to use exactly as they are or we can use these as the basis for creating you a unique itinerary specifially for you.

Group Tours


We design our Group Tours the way most people design FIT / Tailor Made itineraries. We look at your brand and listen to your requirements and then build itineraries that fit best with the needs of you and your clients. Most group tours to Jordan are identical, which makes it difficult for you to differentiate your product from that of your competitors. Discovery Circle will help you create itineraries that differentiate your product offering and give you a unique product group tours product in Jordan.


FIT / Tailor Made


FIT / Tailor Made doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to use exclusively use 5 star hotels. We look at your brand and design itineraries that fit with your brand, from the type of hotels we recommend to the number of sites we include and the way that your clients visit these sites. At Discovery Circle Tours, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to designing itineraries as all of our clients are individual and have a different set of specific needs.  FIT / Tailor Made holidays are supposed to be individual so let us make your tours individual to you.

Group Tours or FIT / Tailor Made

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Cultural Tours  

Jordan is full of history and culture but most tour operators leave out some of the most interesting sites because they want to make Jordan appear cost effective and limit it to 7 days in duration. Hopefully some of these tours will inspire you to develop more enticing itineraries for the first time visitor or put on specialist tours for repeat visitors. Click here to visit our selection of Cultural Tours


Religious Tours

Jordan is an integral part of the Holy Land and all Christian groups should aim to visit Jordan on a pilgrimage. Lot sought sanctuary in Jordan with his two daughters, Moses travelled through Jordan on the Exodus and Jesus was Baptised in Jordan by John the Baptist. All these key figures from the Bible and many more spent time in Jordan. Visit the sites built by the early Christians to commemorate them and walk in their footsteps in this little Holy Land. Click here to visit our selection of Religious Tours


Eco and Adventure Tours

From trekking in the harsh relentless landscape of Wadi Rum to walking through the rolling hills of Northern Jordan among evergreen Oak, Carob and Wild strawberry trees, Jordan's diversity is amazing.  With opportunities for high adrenalin sports such as caving, canyoning and climbing to leisurely walks in nature reserves managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature Jordan has something to suit all tastes.  Click here to visit our selection of Eco and Adventure tours.


Luxury Tours

From luxury spas to designer campsites Jordan is a hidden gem when it comes to Luxury travel. Despite a large number of luxury hotels in superb locations Luxury is more than a fancy hotel. Early morning walks through lush nature reserves accompanied by a well packed organic breakfast or drinking a cold beer on top of a magnificent view also mean luxury. So if you want to provide your clients with the ultimate luxury experience in Jordan let us know and we will design a one off itinerary visiting sites  and places some tour operators didn't even know existed. Click here for more inspiration on Luxury Jordan.


Family Tours

Lawrence of Arabia, Indianna Jones, The Mummy Returns all filmed in Jordan and all big adventures. Our family itineraries capture the imagination of families and provide them with one massive adventure playground that never sleeps. Charging up the Cardo (main street) in Jerash, eating ice cream in caves lived in 2,000 years ago or riding camles through Wadi Rum are all fantastic adventures for kids and parents alike. Jordan is a fantastic destination for families with children of all ages. Teenagers will love the Dead Sea Spas and high adrenalin of the Wadi Mujib Canyoning, while younger children will enjoy camping under the stars.  Click here to visit our family tours section.

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