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Theeb Film Tour

A 6 night 7 Day itinerary based on the Jordanian art house Oscar Nominated film Theeb


“A timeless art-house drama”  The Guardian & Variety “A classic adventure film of the best kind”


Follow in the footsteps of Theeb ( Wolf) as he journeys through Jordan’s evocative Wadi Rum on an adventure, too advanced for his young years, born out of Bedouin hospitality and ancient customs and traditions. Experience the power of the desert and the hospitality of the Wadi Rum Bedouins.

Day 1: Meet and Greet, transfer to Amman


Welcome to Jordan! On arrival at Queen Alia International Airport we will meet and assist you with our airport representative who will help you pass through customs and introduce you to your driver before you are escorted to your hotel in Amman

Day 2: Amman and The Desert Castles


After breakfast, the Theeb inspired tour will start in Amman.


Theeb is set around the time of Lawrence of Arabia and the Hijaz railway was an integral part of Lawrence's activities. You will visit the Hijaz railway station in Amman, part of the railway that Lawrence of Arabia blew up during the Great Arab Revolt. Daret Al Funan, now a contemporary art gallery but then the home of “Peake Pasha”, British Commander of the Arab Legion,  and where Lawrence of Arabia wrote much of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, is a little oasis in the heart of downtown Amman and a must of cultural tourists. You will also get the opportunity to experience Jordanian street food and modern day culture before heading off to the Eastern Desert.


The eastern desert is full of promise, wide vistas and 180 degree horizons. Located in this epic desert landscape, are a number of castles and hunting lodges dating back to the Umayyad period (7th Century). Azraq castles was also a base for Lawrence, but the jewel in the crown of these hunting lodges in Qusair Amra, a bathing house and UNESCO World Heritage site. It was used by the ruling Umayyad caliphs as a rural desert retreat to escape the pressures of city life.


Overnight in the RSCN’s Azraq lodge based in a renovated old British Military field hospital.

Day 3: Wadi Rum- The Ultimate Film Set of Theeb


After breakfast, you will start your expedition to Wadi Rum.


Following the old desert road you will drive through the middle of Jordan’s captivating desert landscape and head directly to Wadi Rum. This four hour desert drive is little used by modern day tourists and leads to one of the most spectacular desert landscapes in the world with rolling sand dunes & mountains of sandstone. Its mystery & charm are sure to captivate you, as it has so many visitors before, including Lawrence of Arabia. Wadi Rum has also been used as the location for scenes in not only Lawrence of Arabia but also, Mission to Mars, Red Planet, Son of the Pink Panther and most recently Theeb. It has also been used as the main location for the Matt Damon film The Martian.


On arrival in Wadi Rum you will start a tour of the key sites of Rum including some of those used in the filming of many epic movies including Lawrence’s Spring and the iconic Khazali Canyon. The Canyon is an easy 20 minute walk but the changing atmosphere of the canyon and its year round water mean it has been used for centuries by residents of Rum. The Nabatean inscriptions and drawings from over 2,000 years ago attest to this. Everywhere there are traces left by ancient civilizations - pictographs of Thamudic, Nabataean, Greek and Arabic texts, formal inscriptions and rock art depicting hunting scenes. Dinner and overnight at Wadi Rum Nights fixed Bedouin Camp


Dinner and overnight at Wadi Rum Nights fixed Bedouin Camp.

Day 4:  Wadi Rum


Wake up in the serenity of the desert as the clear morning light of sunrise gives the desert a heavenly aura before and enjoying breakfast on the rocks with undisturbed views.


Following breakfast your Bedouin guide will continue your tour of Rum which will include 4x4, walking and riding the “Ship of the Desert”, The Camel. Riding a Camel is the most authentic way to experience Wadi Rum, as the slow pace fits in perfectly with life in the sand.


You will spend the night completely under the stars in a private mobile Bedouin Camp. As the sun sets and the temperature drops the colours of the desert really spring into life. When day turns to night the desert takes on an eerie feel until the stars arrive and light up the night sky. Sitting round the campfire you will be able to soak up the atmosphere and count the endless stars in the starry sky.


Dinner and overnight at private mobile camp

Day 5:  Petra


Waking up in the clear morning light of sunrise gives the desert a heavenly aura. Following breakfast on the rocks with undisturbed views of Wadi Rum, you will then head directly to the “rose red city of Petra”.


The walk into Petra is one of the most dramatic and beautiful walks anywhere in the world. Walking along the Siq, a natural pathway through the rocks, give you a sense of how isolated and hidden Petra is from the outside world. As you continue through the Siq, the tension grows until you finally turn the corner and stumble upon The Treasury the most imposing and famous of Petra’s 800 hand carved monuments and tombs.


Wandering through the city is like being transported back in time to a bygone era of over 2,000 years ago. Nothing quite prepares you for the enormity and magical nature of Petra. Overnight in the local town of Wadi Musa just the other side of the mountains have kept Petra safe and secure for thousands of years.  


Overnight Petra

Day 7:  Dead Sea


Leaving Petra after breakfast you will head directly for the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth at over 410 metres below sea level.


The Dead Sea is the World’s biggest natural spa and has been used for thousands of years as a source of therapeutic healing and bathing. The salty rich mineral water means it is impossible to swim but floating on these waters provides instant relaxation for the weary traveller. The oxygen rich air rejuvenates and invigorates like nothing on earth.


Your last night in Jordan will be one of total relaxation and rejuvenation.


Overnight Dead Sea

Day 8:  Departure


After breakfast in your hotel, on the shores of the Dead Sea, we will transfer you to Queen Alia international airport. Our expert airport team will ensure your departure is a smooth and trouble free.

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