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Ahmad Al Khalidi

About Ahmad


I'm 45, although - most people think I'm only 35 - so that makes me very happy. I'm married and have two lovely children. Leaving my wife and children is the hardest thing about guiding as I have to spend a lot of time away from home.  I come from a very, very small Jordanian family as I only have one brother. When I was at school the other children all thought that was funny as they had lots of brothers and sisters. far as Jordanian families are concerned I come from a small family as I only have 1 brother. Most of my friends call me Al Khalidi and only my mother and family call me Ahmad. I like that.


I have only worked for Discovery Circle for a year but I have been gudiding for the last 19 years so am begining to know Jordan quite well...


Ahmad's - Top Tips 


Favourite Restaurant – Falafel Al Quds - It's a restaurant, but it always feels as though you are eating on the street. The atmosphere is always fantastic, the food is great and it is spotless - just like my mother's kitchen at home. There is nothing better than eating in a busy noisy restaurant - Jordanians love them.


Favourite Place –  Most guides say Petra or Wadi Rum, but for me Jerash is number one in Jordan. If you listen closely you can still hear the sounds of the Roman's going about their daily business. It's just so alive with the past. But a word of warning - Be careful in Jerash or you might get knocked over by a Roman Chariot - driving down the Cardo.


Most Asked Question – How many wives do you have? It is at this point that my clients get upset as they always want me to say three or four. Perhaps I'll get another just to give my clients another view on Jordan -- but please do not tell my wife.


Most Memorable Time Whilst Touring - I have had lots of moments while guiding but nothing compares with seeing the tears in the eyes of the guests when they get their first glimpse of the Treasury in Petra. One of  my guests also fainted because she was seeing her dream comes true.

Ahmad Al Khalidia
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