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Crossing Procedure - Jordan to Israel


Jordanian Exit Tax is $14 USD per person


Jordanian Terminal

On arrival at the Jordanian Terminal at the Allenby Crossing / King Hussein Bridge your driver will assist you in paying the exit tax.  Once your passport has been checked by they will look after it until you are on the shuttle bus. You will then board the next available shuttle bus and wait for it to depart. Shuttle’s depart approximately every 30-1 hour mins or when full. There is $10 charge per person and $2 charge per piece of luggage.


Shuttle Bus between Terminals

The Israeli Terminal is about 6km away and there are a number of barriers and checkpoints en-route. You can avoid the shuttle bus and speed up the whole process by taking a VIP service at a cost of $115 per person.


Israeli Terminal

On arrival at the Israeli Terminal you passport will be checked before you head into the terminal. It is important that if you are just travelling with hand luggage you keep it with you at this point.


Please Note: If you are travelling with more than hand luggage your passport will be tagged with the number of bags you have.


Once you enter the terminal you will be given your first security check, similar to airport arrivals in Jordan. Next is the immigration hall where you need to look for the tourist immigration desks. You passport is not stamped on arrival or departure from Israel. Instead they give you a separate paper stamp with your photo on it. This must be kept with your passport and handed in when you leave. From immigration, it’s on to luggage control and then you exit the terminal.


Meeting your Israeli Tour Operator

Your driver or guide will be waiting for you just outside the terminal holding a sign with your name on it.  


The complete border process from arriving at the Jordanian border terminal to exiting in Israel takes up to 5 hours. It is unlikely you will complete the process in less than 2 hours.


Returning to Jordan from Israel across the Allenby Bridge is usually quicker.

The Allenby Bridge opening hours are as follows:


Sunday to Thursday: 08:00 - 22.00


Friday & Saturday:  08.00 to 11.00


Jewish Holidays & eve of Jewish Holidays: 08.00 - 11.00

Crossing the Allenby Bridge