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Aziz Azayzeh

Aziz Azayzeh


Aziz has been working with Discovery Circle tours for 16 years and is our longest serving guide.


Aziz’s Top Tips


Favourite Restaurant – people always try and come up with something different when asked this question but for me it is very simple. Haret Jdoudna in Madaba is my favourite restaurant. The atmosphere is brilliant, especially sitting on the roof terrace, the food is the best in Jordan and all the clients love it too.


Favourite Place -  In a word, Petra. It’s just the best place to guide as it has everything, romance, history, culture and it’s very beautiful. Oh yes and tiring!


Most Asked Question – It’s always why did you become a tour guide and the answer for me is very simple. I love showing people my beautiful country and sharing the stories and traditions. The best bit though is the hearing and sharing the stories of my clients and the visitors to Jordan.  

Most Memorable Time Whilst Touring – It’s always on the coach. Sure everybody is blown away by Petra, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum but the views from the coach or car in Jordan are out of this world. Sometimes on the drives I want to talk to the clients but most of the time they are concentrating so much on the views that I don’t want to spoil it. Everybody say’s how beautiful Jordan is and some of the best views are whilst driving.

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