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Free Visas for FIT Tourists

By Discovery Circle Tours, May 17 2016 10:28AM

If you're visiting Jordan and organising your travels with a Jordanian DMC / Inbound Tour Operator a Jordanian Visa is now FREE.

That's great news and saves a couple 80 Jordanian Dinar, About $115 USD, £80 GBP or 100 Euros. That's not bad and you only have to spend 3 nights in the country.

So how does it work? Well it's very simple. Drop us a line, let us organise your itinerary, send us your passport details and we'll meet you at the airport, just after you've got off the plan and escort you through customs, collect your baggage and take you to your hotel. The whole process, baggage permitting should take less than 30 minutes from getting off the plane to leaving the airport.

Take advantage of this saving and stay an extra night - it's all possible if you know how. Contact us today for more information.

For more information or to contact us click here

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