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Ahlan wa Sahlan - Make Yourself at Home


By Discovery Circle Tours, Oct 7 2014 03:43PM

If you love street food, you’ll love Amman. Try a shawarma, the Arab equivalent of a hot dog. The very best shawarma in can be bought for a few pennies in Reem, a small hole in the wall shop near the 2nd Circle. It’s always busy and late at night by the young & trendy stop by in their BMWs to top up traditional tucker.

Missed your shave then pay a visit to one of the hundreds of barbers located in every city, town or village in Jordan. Nothing beats a cut throat shave and haircut. You’ll leave feeling a million dollars – make sure you go to one that knows how to thread with cotton – an added plus although it will make your eyes water. This has to be one of the best local experiences in Jordan for little more than a few pounds.

It’s always difficult buying holiday gifts but help is at hand in Jordan with two fantastic shops that provide outlets for local skills. Wild Jordan Nature Shop sells local products made in the traditional way by local people and the Soap house, which wouldn’t be out of place in London or New York, sell a range of hand – made soaps and creams.

Wadi Rum is wonderful but it’s at its best a couple of hours before sunset until a few hours after sunrise. This is when it’s most beautiful. The changing colours of sunset are magnificent and the night time stars are literally on another planet. When you stay in the desert make sure you sleep out in the open under the stars and wake early as the sunrise and early morning light are magical.

Wine in Jordan – you’d better believe it. Jordanian wine is great. Look out for the St George label from the Zumot winery. It’s won several international awards so get glugging.

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