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Osama Zyoud

About Osama


Osama has been tour guiding in Jordan for 7 years and for the last five he has been exclusively working for Discovery Circle Tours. He is a graduate of Archaeology and also studied tour guiding - so your clients will be in very safe hands.


He is 29, married and is one of 8 chidren so knows what it's like to control a big group of people.


Osama's - Top Tips


Favourite Restaurant - Tawaheen al-Hawa (Windmill Restaurant) It's a great place to bring visitors to Jordan as it is always full of local Jordanian families. Friday's is really busy and very noisy (Jordanian's usually are when dining out with family) and visitors love the atmosphere. The food is pretty good too!


Favourite Place - I feel most at home in Wadi Rum and am always inspired by this place. It's not only the beauty of Rum that inspires me but it makes me think of the big campaigns, Lawrence of Arabia and how much life in Jordan has changed for the Bedouin. After a hard days guiding I like bringing people to Rum, kicking off my shoes and letting the cool night time desert sand revitilise my limbs and whilst sipping on hot sweet Bedouin tea. Magical and always a highlight of any tour of  Jordan.


Most Asked Question - Despite Petra being the number one site in Jordan most of my clients are interested in the Bedouin life and culture. They love to hear about the old Bedouin traditions, their way of life and how it is changing in modern day Jordan.


Most Memorable Time whilst Touring - Jordan is a hot dry desert country - well not always. I remember being stuck in the snow for four hours with a lovely couple as we were on our way to Petra. I was obvioulsy frustrated but they just loved it. Snow in the desert!

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