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Responsible Tourism Policy

Discovery Circle Tours and its parent company The Discovery Group supports through tourism, Jordanian foundations, NGOs and Charities that improve the life of Jordanians by offering support through jobs, education and medical services.


Every year The Discovery Group contributes $25,000 USD for betterment of local people. Currently the Discovery Group actively supports:


Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)


King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF)


Jordan River Foundation (JRF)


Discovery Circle and its parent company The Discovery Group is committed to creating programmes that provide a positive effect on the Jordanian people.


We always:


Pay fair wages for all permanent and freelance staff


Support the protection of the natural and built heritage


Support community led opportunities in the tourism industry


Support and use where possible, small individual businesses


Only employ local Jordanians


Use accommodation suppliers that support environmental practices


We respect the customs and practices of the different religions and ethnic backgrounds that make up Jordanian society


We support the theory of Sustainability i.e. long-term use of products,  goods and services.


We support recycling, minimal water use and the overall saving of energy and strive to make the office as green as possible.

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