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Suhaib Al Newaihi

About Suhaib


Suhaib has been guiding in Jordan for 8 years and has worked exclusively for Discovery Circle for the last 4 years. He graduated from the University of Jordan and is passionate about his country.


Suhaib's Top Tips


Favourite Restaurant - My Mothers House - it's a fantastic restaurant and completely free, especially if you're part of the family. I love eating out in restaurants and street food in Amman is excellent but there is nothing like home cooked food. In Jordan the best food is served at home, any home although my Mother's is he best!!


Favourite Place - This is very simple Amman, Amman, Amman. It's a brilliant place and very often over looked by tourists. It's where you meet Jordanian people so it has to be the best. I really enjoy taking my clients on a downtown tour. At first you can see they don't expect much but at the end of the tour they are askign to stay our longer and later. The best time to visit downtown is early evening about 8.00pm


Most Asked Question - People asked lots of questions about the tourist sites but the question they aske the most is about family life in Jordan. People really like to find out about how we live and how our lives have changed.


Most Memorable Time Whilst Touring - I've had lots of memorable times but seeing the look on people's faces when they get invited in for tea with a local family is one that always sticks in my mind. They just can't believe it is happening. It's the Bedouin way and it is still alive today!

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