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Desert Camps

Until very recently Wadi Rum was empty of cultural tourist spending the night as the availability of quality camps was pretty much non - existant. It was fine if you wanted to go climbing, trekking or were travelling through Jordan on a budget, but for international tour operators who wanted to include an overnight desert experience for their clients the options were limited.


Luckily all that has changed and the Bedouin now provide a range of excellent camps and excursions. Discovery Circle prides itself of choosing the very best accommodation available in every category always making sure it fits in with our clients, or should we say your clients, dreams and expectations.


So it's time to include an overnight desert experience for you clients so when they leave Jordan they have something to cherish, apart from Petra, for the rest of their lives. Experience tells us they will thank you for including it and satisfaction levels will be extremely high.

Discovery Bedu 


If you're putting together a luxury itinerary we can now include Wadi Rum without reducing the quality of the accommodation. In fact our luxury camp in Jordan - Discovery Bedu - is more 5 star than some of the hotels.


With only six tented suites it offers an exclusive camping / glamping experience in Wadi Rum for the luxury traveller. Your clients can sit back and relax in our open air Star lounge as they search for shooting stars and  sip on a cold beer or glass of wine.


Run exclusively by local Bedouin it offers a fantastic insight into their culture without reducing the quality of accommodation.

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