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Wadi Rum Camels

Itinerary and Tour Ideas

Group Tours

We design our Group Tours the way most people design FIT / Tailormade itineraries. We listen to your requirements and build itineraries that fit best with the needs of you and your clients. Most group tours to Jordan are identical, which makes it difficult for you to differentiate your product from that of your competitors. Discovery Circle will help you create itineraries that differentiate your product offering you a unique group tour product in Jordan.

Guaranteed Departures / Small Group Tours

We operate a range of weekly departures on both Cultural and Adventure tours. The majority of our tours operate with a minimum of two passengers and a maximum of 24. All of our group tours are keenly priced and offer good rates of commission for our travel trade partners. 

FIT / Tailormade

It's not always expensive and it doesn’t have to exclusively use 5-star hotels. We design itineraries that fit with your brand, from the type of hotels we recommend to the number of sites we include and the way that your clients visit these sites. At Discovery Circle Tours, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to designing itineraries as all of your clients are individual and have a different set of specific needs.  FIT / Tailormade holidays are supposed to be individual so let us make your tours individual to you and your clients.

Our tour ideas

Guaranteed Departures

We offer a range of Cultural, Historical and Adventure based Guaranteed Departure tours all commissionable. Click for more info.

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Family Adventures

A family holiday to Jordan will provide lifelong memories as you'll experience new places and cultures. Click for more info


Cultural & Historical

A standard cultural tour is, split between Amman, Petra Wadi Rum and perhaps the Dead Sea. We look at Jordan with fresh eyes. Click for more info.


Luxury & Spas

Jordan is full of luxuries. Hotels, Bedouin camps, and wonderful experiences. From outdoor breakfasts to romantic desert dinners. Click for more info.

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Eco & Adventure

From dry deserts to rolling evergreen hills. Staying in eco reserves and walking trails is a fantastic way to experience Jordan's diversity. Click for more info.

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Film Locations

The Martian, Mummy Returns and Transformers were all filmed in Jordan. So if you've seen the films you can visit the sets. Click for more info.



The ancient Biblical lands of Edom, Moab, and the Gilead are in Jordan. Perhaps you should visit them like Jesus, John the Baptist and Moses did. Click for more info

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We uncover unknown locations and sites and build  them into optional add-ons for group or FIT itineraries. Click for more info.

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