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Petra - The Number One Attraction on a Tour of Jordan

“ Petra is our Oil” you will hear this mentioned many times by the guides in Jordan and quite rightly so. Petra is the main driving force behind tourism to Jordan and its impact on tourists is immense.


It’s not difficult to include Petra in any itinerary to Jordan and should be recommended even for return visitors. Petra improves the more times you visit it, as there is so much to see it is not always possible in one visit. For that reason our recommendation is that clients always enter Petra twice so we suggest that you allow for a two day ticket. The extra $8 USD cost is really worth it. We would also suggest that you clients visit ‘Petra by Night’ for the small extra cost of $25 USD. As the Petra by Night experience only operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays it is not always possible to include it in every itinerary.


To help guide you through your Petra planning we have selected a few editorial articles that we believe bring this city to life and hope you enjoy reading them. Jordan is full of world class sites and sights, so sometimes it's nice to have some independent advice on how our fantastic country shapes up. We have put together some of our favourite editorial articles featured in some of the world's most respeced publications an written by some of the world's best journalists and travel writeers. We hope you like and find them helpful in planning your tours.

Petra Articles


Chris Deary – The Guardian – Letter from Abroad. In this article, Chris, a traveller and not a journalist speaks about his experience in Petra. To read the full article click here


Matthew Teller – Author of The Rough Guide to Jordan – writing a guide to Petra for Wanderlust Magazine and his Petra’s top six guide. To read his Petra guide click here and for Matthew's top 6 of Petra click here


Taking good quality pictures of Petra should be easy and with this article in Wanderlust Magazine to help it should be a piece of cake. To find out how to take great pictures of Petra click here


An article in the Mail Online by Sarah Bradford on why Petra is so special. She's absolutely correct - if you haven't been there is never a bad time to go. Read more here

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