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Safety Management System Policy

GENERAL STATEMENT of POLICY  - The safety of passengers on all visits is of primary concern to Discovery Group, and it is our policy to operate tours with the highest standards of health and safety that are reasonably practicable. Our commitments to our clients are as follows:


We will promote a positive health & safety culture throughout our own and our supplier’s organisations in Jordan.


We will set standards that meet the needs of our clients that are measurable, achievable and realistic.


We will ensure the provision of adequate resources, both financial and human, to achieve a high level of safety and continuous improvement.


We will internally measure and review our performance and compliance annually.


We will ensure our staff are trained to respond quickly and efficiently in case of an emergency.


We will review, maintain and update the SMS annually. We will review all procedures throughout the year and ensure that we investigate and make amendments if necessary. The Managing Director has overall responsibility and senior staff are responsible for monitoring safety standards. Our policy has been devised to comply with the minimum standards for best practice in Jordan Tourism Industry to ensure that reasonable precautions have been taken and due diligence exercised.


ORGANISATION of STAFF - The Managing Director has overall responsibility for the direction of the SMS ensuring that:


Adequate human and financial resources are available to ensure policies are carried out.




The Operations Manager along with the Managing Director are responsible for:


All staff are appropriately trained and competent.


The selection, as well as the active (e.g. inspections) and reactive (e.g. incident investigation) monitoring, of transportation companies.


The Managers and Managing Director are responsible for


Keeping up to date with safety requirements and practices.


The selection, as well as the active (e.g. inspections) and reactive (e.g. accident) monitoring of accommodation units and visitor sites.


All staff are responsible for:


Bring to the attention of the Operations Manager or Managing Director any situation that has the potential for serious and imminent danger to clients.


MONITORING - The Operations Manager will:


Trained staff will audit accommodation and transport suppliers using the approved Discovery Circle forms.


Concerns will be immediately reported to the Managing Director.


The Operations Manager and Managing Director will investigate incidents, accidents and ‘near misses’. These will be reviewed as they arise as well as on an annual basis.


A formal internal review will be held each year.


ACCOMMODATION - All accommodation used by Discovery Circle Tours is requested and contracted directly.


A contract with accommodation units is signed confirming that it conforms to Jordanian fire, safety & hygiene standards.


Each accommodation unit will be subject to an audit prior to using it for the first time, which covers fire safety, security, insurance and hygiene.


TRANSPORT - All transport suppliers used by Discovery Circle Tours:


Belong to the relevant licensing organisation in Jordan.


All coach companies confirm that they comply with all Jordanian law and have the necessary licensing and insurances.




Emergency Phones - The Operations Manager and Managing Director and are appointed as 24 hour emergency contacts for group leaders and individual FITs to contact when on tour.


All group leaders, accommodation units and transport suppliers will be given these contact.




All new staff will be given a training session during their induction and periodically after that time.


All staff will be kept up to date with the Health and Safety procedures of Discovery Circle.

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