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Bird Watching Tours of Jordan

Petra, Petra, Petra. For the majority of visitors to Jordan Petra is the main reason for going and the number one tourist destination. However, for thousands of repeat visitors to Jordan, Petra is just a place to pass by with perhaps a short stop. These visitors regularly pass though in Spring and Autum as they make their bi - annual migration from the cold northerly regions to the warmth of Africa and Arabia. These are of course wide variety of migrating birds that pass through Jordan on a regular basis.


Luckily for us these feathered visitors pass by most of the main tourist sites in Jordan and some of the lesser visited but equally enchanting sites in Jordan. So visiting Jordan on a Bird Watching Holiday will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most fantastic tourist sites in Jordan with added bonus of witnessing the bi annual migration of thousands of birds.


At Discovery Circle Tours we only use fully trained specialist bird watching guides so that you have the experience of a lifetime. Our bird watching itineraries are designed so you see the best birds in the right locations. Azraq, Dana, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Petra, are all on the migration route but it is our job to ensure you are there at the correct time of day and you are armed with the very best knowledge.


If you are interested in setting up a bird watching tour to Jordan have a look at the sample itinerary below.

Follow the migration through Jordan


This itinerary visits the sites and sights most commonly used on the migration route from the cold north to the warm southern countries of Africa and Arabia. You will overnight in three of Jordan nature reserves, Ajloun, Azraq and Dana, all owned and managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. These fantastic reserves are a mecca for the migrating birds as they fly to warmer climbs. For more information on the itinerary please follow the link below.


Click here to download the full itinerary.

Verreaux Eagle

Black Cap image supplied by Simon Dean - Deans Family Birding Website

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