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Film Tours of Jordan

Not all big budget Hollywood movies are made in the USA. Some major blockbusters have been filmed all over the world including Jordan. Jordan's beautiful scenery, diverse landscapes and incredible built historical and cultral sites are a location manager's dream.


From Lawrence of Arabia to The Hurt Locker, Jordan has been represented at the Academy Awards and is now developing its own award winning film industry with the help of the Royal Film Commission. Two recent award winning films conceived, written filmed and produced in Jordan are Captain Abu Raed and the most recent Theeb.


With our first specialist general film tour - You've Seen the Film now Visit the Set - you get the chance to many of the locations used in some famous Hollywood and Jordan film industry films.

Matt Damon in The Martian with spectacular Wadi Rum (Mars) vista behind him.jpg

The Martian Film Tour

Experience Mars, like Matt Damon in his film The Martian. Filmed in Wadi Rum your two day Wadi Rum experience will give you a sense of isolation the enormity of the landscape both in Wadi Rum and on Mars We also guarantee that your journey out of Mars and back to earth takes less time that Matt's.

Theeb - Fox, in his home of Wadi Rum.jpg

Theeb Film Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Theeb ( Wolf) as he journeys through Jordan’s evocative Wadi Rum on an adventure, too advanced for his young years, born out of Bedouin hospitality and ancient customs and traditions. Experience the power of the desert and the hospitality of the Wadi Rum Bedouins.

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