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Excursions, Extensions and Add Ons

Every itinerary to Jordan includes Petra, Jerash, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum along with a selection of secondary sites that most inbound operators / DMCs do not include.


Due to Jordan’s geographical layout there would appear to be very few options for designing individual itineraries. This is only true if you lack imagination and destination knowledge. At Discovery Circle we pride ourselves in uncovering the unknown and building them into itineraries or developing them into optional itinerary extensions that can be added or included on group or FIT tours.


So whether you include walking with local villagers, microlight flights over Wadi Rum or touring sites with internationally renowed specialist archaeologists or historians we have it covered and can guarantee all of our excursions and extension are of the very highest quality. Ask us the question and see what we can do for your clients that will make their trip to Jordan completely unique and tailored to their specific needs.


Wadi Rum Bedouin Experience

$20 Add Ons

No trip to Jordan is complete without a visit to the evocative desertscape of Wadi Rum, described by T. E. Lawrence as

" Vast, Echoing and Godlike......" Most tourists visit for a few hours and tour in a 4 x 4 Jeep during the middle of the day. Why not add a night or two and really get under the skin of this amazing place and meet some the local Bedouin. To make this easy we have designed two Desert Experiences for you to choose from or just ask us to book you a night in one of our favourite desert camps. For more informaiton on Bedouin Experiences in Wadi Rum Click Here

Extensions and Add Ons don't have to be expensive or include an extra night in Jordan. We have designed a list of $20 extensions that you can add on to existing itineraries without addint an extra night in Jordan or taking changing any of the existing itinerary. We have simply looked where there is some free time and are suggesting some inventive ways of adding to the Jordan experience. For more informaiton on our $20 Add Ons in Jordan Click Here.

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