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Eco and Adventure Tours of Jordan

Jordan's diversity is amazing.  A short drive will take you from Jordan's driest place Wadi Rum to the Mujib Valley, the lowest nature reserve on earth with parts of it closed over the winter months due to flooding and high water. Within an hour of Petra is one of Jordan's prettiest nature reserves, Dana home to rare flora and fauna including the extremely shy Ibex.


The rolling hills of Northern Jordan are full of wild strawberries, carob and evergreen oak trees that would have you believe you are walking through France rather than the Middle East. Villages line the hills and there is not a Bedouin in sight. Jordan is so diverse that only by walking through it will you begin to appreciate what a special place Jordan is.


Below are a few sample itineraries that celebrate Jordan's diversity and don't forget it only takes 6 hours to drive from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south, on the Red Sea.


Little Petra to The Monastery 013.jpg

Walking and Trekking in Jordan

A diverse walking tour of Jordan, from the highlands of the north to the red sandy desert of Wadi Rum. A must for all walking clubs and enthusiasts. Each walk is the perfect day walk with comfortable fixed overnight accommodation.

Villagers of Northern Jordan

The Bedouin and Villagers of Jordan

Walk and visit with the villagers of Orjan in Northern Jordan, the Bedouin of Wadi Feinan and the Bedouin of Wadi Rum, whose fathers and grandfathers fought with Lawrence of Arabia in the Great Arab Revolt.

Dana View.jpg

Jordan and Undiscovered Eco Land

A fantastic itinerary staying and walking in Ajloun, Dana, Wadi Feinan and Wadi Rum, Jordan's premier nature reserves, managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. A great mix of culture, historic and natural splendours.

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