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Religious Tours of Jordan

It's a popular misconception that all the events relating to the Bible and especially those in the New Testament take place in what is now modern-day Israel.


Many ancient Biblical Lands are now located in modern-day Jordan. Edom, Moab, Ammoun, The Gilead are all in Jordan. Lot sought refuge with his two daughters on the banks of the Dead Sea in Jordan, Moses led the Israelites through Jordan during the Exodus, in fact, both Moses and his brother Aaron died in Jordan.


Jesus was in fact baptised in the River Jordan, in Jordan, by John the Baptist. Jesus'  time in the Wilderness was also in Jordan. He preached and walked through the Decapolis cities of Jerash (Gerasa) and Um Qais ( Gadara in the bible). The Miracle of the Gadarine Swine, took place in Jordan and Jesus and Mary sought refuge in a small cave in the North of Jordan in Anjara.  So Jordan is also the Holy Land and should be visited as a stand-alone Pilgrimage destination.


In the Footsteps of Jesus and Moses

This itinerary visits all the key pilgrim sites in Jordan and leaves no stone unturned. Following in the footsteps of Jesus and Moses uncovers Jordan's role in Christianity.


Kingdoms of Ancient Jordan

This itinerary highlights the Ancient Kingdoms of the Old and New Testament that are now part of modern-day Jordan. It visits key sites and secondary sites linked with the Bible

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Pilgrim Tours of Jordan

Pilgrim Tours of Jordan is a specialist Religious Tours DMC set up to assist in the organization of the Papal visit of Pope Francis. The team also supported the Papal visits of Benedict and John Paul II.

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Pope Francis in Jordan May 2014

For a picture gallery of Pope Francis' visit to Jordan Click here.

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