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Jordan's RSCN Nature Reserves

Jane Sebba, talks romantically about the Dana Nature reserve. Click here to capture the romance of this article


Gemma Bowes, escapes the hustle and bustle of daily life to tour Jordan’s RSCN run and managed nature reserves. To read Gemma’s tale click here


Feynan Eco – Lodge is a great example of community tourism at its best. Gemma Bowes reports on the secret of its success. Click here to read the full article


Chris Johnson, Director of the RSCN talks about his time in Jordan and the success of the NGO that has become his passion. Click here for an inspirational read


Richard Hammond, pitches Dana Nature reserve as an equal to Petra. Hardly surprising as he is probably one of the top Eco journalists in the world. Read Richard’s view here


Adventure journalist and keen walker Amar Grover, hikes through Jordan’s canyons and gets wet and wild. Read the article he wrote for Wanderlust here


Billed as the Inca Trail of the Middle East, Trek Petra is Jordan’s ultimate route into Petra. Taking 5 days of trekking the reward is Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Piers Moore Ede walked this as part of a charity trek and was blown away by the walk as well as Petra. Read his article here

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and a respected NGO in both Jordan and the region is responsible for managing Jordan’s nature reserves and protecting their flora and fauna. Their flagship nature reserve is Dana, located approximately 50 kilometres from Petra  and with a range of excellent accommodation. The Feynan Eco Lodge is winning global awards and the Dana guesthouse has some of the most breath taking views of any hotel in Jordan. Combine this with the Rummana campsite and other lodges and cabins spread across Jordan and an Eco Friendly itinerary is easily designed. Read what professional journalists and travel writers have written about it.

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