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Main Tourist Sites Visited in a Tour of Jordan


Jordan is full of world class sites and sights, so sometimes it's nice to have some independent advice on how our fantastic country shapes up. We have put together  a few of our favourite editorial articles on Jordan featured in some of the world's most renowned publications. These articles have been written by respected world journalists and travel writers. We hope you find these editorial articles on Jordan helpful in planning your tours.

Dana View

Jordan's Nature Reserves


Read more about Jordan's nature reserves and The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in some truly inspirational editorial articles.  Click here for reviews and views of some of the most respected travel writers and journalists



A series of articles and guides to Petra written by some of the very best journalists and travel writers. To read more about Jordan's number one tourist site click here

Wadi Rum


One of our favourites, Wadi Rum, is romantic, stunningly beautiful but extremely unforgiving if you're not prepared. To get a better understanding of Wadi Rum and read more on this fantastic desert landscape click here



We love our capital city and want to share it with you and your clients. To read some great editorial articles on Amman click here

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