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Code of Conduct Drivers and Guides

Discovery Circle Tours is known throughout the world for delivering excellent customer service.


Our International tour operator clients’ expect this from us and we deliver 100% of the time for every client. Going beyond is expected and this is how we have built such a successful business.


When working for Discovery Circle Tours you MUST follow these guidelines. Any deviation or complaint will prevent you from working with us again.


General Appearances


You should wear clean trousers, shirts everyday jackets as appropriate in the cooler months.


Branded t-shirts. If you are issued with a branded t-shirt for a specific client then it should be worn on Day one, Departure day and every other day in between. It should be clean and ironed each day it is worn.


Branded jackets for winter use. These should be worn everyday of the tour and should be regularly cleaned.  


You must make sure there is sufficient cold water in the vehicle everyday.


The car or vehicle should be internally cleaned everyday. All rubbish from the previous day should be removed.


Vehicles windows should be cleaned daily to aid vision for the clients and to keep the appearance of vehicle first class.


General Conduct


All clients should be treated with the utmost respect.


There should be no physical contact between client and guide or driver.


Smoking is forbidden in the presence of clients and in any vehicle in which the clients will travel.


Female clients should be treated with respect. If in any doubt Female clients should be treated like your MOTHER, as they are the most important clients we have.


You should not invite clients to your home unless it has been authorised by the office.


You should not discuss matters of a personal nature with clients.


But you can discuss:


National politics and its structure but not regional political issues.


You cannot discuss your personal point of view regarding the political situation in the region.


Their and your family BUT only in general terms.


Life in Jordan and the Royal Family.


Jordanian society, family structure, customs, food etc.




Any issues, problems or unplanned events should be immediately reported to the office.This includes but is not limited to:


Diversion because of traffic issues, road closures etc


Unexpected site closure


Restaurant changes


The itinerary should be followed to the letter.


Any deviation, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, should be PRE-AUTHORISED with the office.


Unless you have been invited, and it has been cleared with the office, you should not eat with clients in formal restaurants.


It is however acceptable to eat with clients on:


Street food tours


In the campsite, nature reserves or private homes


Under no circumstances should you be present with clients in the following situations:


In Hammams and Spas


Around the Swimming pool of the clients’ hotel


While the client is sunbathing or relaxing on a beach


While the client is on a sailing boat or boat tour and sunbathing in their swimming costume


Shopping and Money Exchange


You should never exchange or change money for a client. All currency exchanges should take place at an authorised Money Exchange centre, Bank or Hotel.  


You are not allowed to recommend shopping stops or assist in the purchase of goods and services on behalf of the client


Guides and Drivers can however take clients to the following shops



Bani Hamida

Wild Jordan



Otherwise all shopping should take place without the driver or guide services in the Souk down town Amman.


If the client is insistent on shopping stops then you must contact the office who will speak with the client.


Hotels, Campsites and Nature Reserves


Under no circumstances should a driver, guide or Discovery Circle staff enter a clients hotel room, tent or cabin.


If there is a problem with the room and you are asked by the client to “have a look” for you opinion, please ask the client to leave while you are in the room unless a member of the hotel or camp staff are present.


Drop-off and Pick-up Points - And Waiting


You must arrive at the pick-up point (hotel, tourist site, restaurant, airport etc) 15 minutes prior to the agreed meet time.


If Driver and Guide are working together then it is the responsibility of the guide to ensure the driver is on-time and parked in a convenient spot so the client / clients do not have to walk too far.


When dropping clients off at their hotel, restaurant, tourist site etc you must agree the pick up time and place prior to leaving them their own.  


When you have dropped your clients off at a new hotel (either first night or when they have changed hotels) you must inform the office so we can speak to the client and check everything is OK. You must wait in the lobby until the office has called and given you permission to leave the hotel.




Clients should sit in the back seat of the car or vehicle.


Clients should always wear seat - belts where fitted.


Smoking in front of the clients is strictly forbidden.


Drivers and Guides should not eat or drink while driving or the vehicle is moving.


Drivers should not speak on their mobile phones while driving.


Drivers and Guides can only speak to the office or businesses related to the tour (e.g. hotels, restaurants etc).


No personal telephone calls should be taken or made when you are with the client.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in all vehicles in which the clients will travel.

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