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Emergency Response

Crisis Management 


The following flow charts should be followed in the event of a crisis.


Natural disaster, political unrest or threat to group’s safety occurs at a national level

Emergency Response

Client or Clients Injured

Emergency Communication Plan

Provide all Discovery Circle employees with an emergency procedures briefing once per calendar year.

Jack Farraj - will be the first point of contact for all international tour operator partners in times of crisis.

Communication Strategy

Mobile Phones

Emergency Numbers

International Tour Operator Partner

All Discovery Circle staff must have all telephone numbers for guides, tour managers and transportation companies was well as - All Discovery Circle staff numbers.


This is necessary for all Groups and FITs in country that individual staff are managing

Discovery Circle Staff will have, to hand, all relevant emergency telephone number of transportation companies, partner DMCs, Guides and Senior Discovery Circle Management.

Jack Farraj

Discovery Circle Staff

Jack Farraj to Provide

Jack Farraj

Once per year

Prior to clients arrival

in Jordan

Updated every quarter

In the event of a crisis





Response Emergency
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